Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Applying for Housing Loan

Housing Loan: A house is a significant investment, and most of us need fiscal backing in the form of a home loan to buy one. A home loan is a smart choice that allows us to fulfill our dream of retaining a house without straining our finances. The Reserve Bank of India’s decision to cut the repo rates to 4 has further helped this cause by reducing home loan interest rates to an each- time low.

still, serving of a casing loan is a significant fiscal step, and prospective borrowers must precisely estimate their options before applying for one. It’s a long-term fiscal commitment that will constitute a significant portion of their disposable income for times to come.

Then are some factors to consider before deciding to apply for a home loan

Interest payments

It’s essential to compare fiscal institutions to get the smallest interest rates on home loans. There are two types of interest rates floating and fixed. Floating interest rates are subject to change over time grounded on differences in the RBI’s base rate and overall request conditions. Fixed rates, on the other hand, don’t change over time. fiscal experts recommend the former option when interest rates are anticipated to decline in the future. Floating rates are generally 1- 2 lower than fixed rates, enabling savings in the long term. The ultimate option is suitable when the profitable climate indicates a rise in interest rates. Borrowers can be more at ease and budget with further certainty by concluding for a fixed interest rate. still, one should choose between floating and fixed interest rates based on whether they’re comfortable with the preceding EMIs or not.


casing loan prepayment ages can extend up to 20 times, which translates to 240 inaugurations. A lengthy term is more conducive to yearly savings as it eases the EMI burden. A shorter term is suitable for overall savings on interest payments because it’s calculated for a briefer period. For case, EMI for aRs. 80 lakh casing loan taken for 15 times at 8.25 sire will beRs. 77,611. The total interest will be to the tune of Rs.. still, the investiture will be down to Rs If the repayment period is extended to 20 times.68, 165, but interest will spike too. One may use a home loan EMI calculator before applying. They should ensure inaugurations don’t take up more than 30 of their disposable income. One should also choose the term by factoring in their age, income prospects, and other bournes they want to fulfill.

Down payment

Lending institutions offer only a part of the property’s value as a loan, and aspirants need to bear the remainder quantum. This chance can range between 75 and 90, depending on the property’s cost and the aspirant’s eligibility. Borrowers can either pay the minimal sum as a down payment or levy to pay further. Prospective aspirants must be prudent concerning the quantum they want to mileage as a loan and what they want to pay from their savings to the builder or dealer. A sizeable down payment improves the chances of eligibility for a home loan. Hence, if doable, individualities may conclude for an advanced down payment. It’ll also lower their prepayment burden. individualities should also check if they’re eligible for any approved offer on home loans. These expedite the operation process by toning down the prerequisites. similar offers are available on a range of other backing options, similar to loans against property. Prospective aspirants can give their name and phone number to view their-approved offer.

Housing Loan
Housing Loan

Associated charges

Interest isn’t the only cost of bone has to bear on a home loan. Borrowers must also regard processing freights, late payment penalties, and foreclosure charges. It’s imperative to sort these out at the onset with the lender. individualities should also note that foreclosure or repayment charges are only applicable to fixed-rate home loans. Hence, this is also a factor that should be considered when deciding between fixed and floating rates since repayment is one of the ways to reduce term and save lakhs.

Credit Score

Before applying for a home loan, it’s essential to check your credit score. A healthy score, rather over 750, makes it easier to secure a loan at lower interest rates. Take the time to clear all your pretenses and find ways to ameliorate your credit score in the months leading up to your loan operation.

Housing Loan

In addition to checking your credit score, it’s pivotal to review the needed documents and precisely read the loan agreement. Taking out a home loan is a significant decision that can impact your finances for times to come. It’s essential to be apprehensive of all aspects of the loan and only adopt what aligns with your fiscal interests.

Now that you are apprehensive of these important points, you can make an informed decision when taking out a home loan. Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers an accessible option to consider, with loans available over toRs.3.5 crore to buy or construct your dream home. You can take advantage of seductive interest rates and repay the loan over 30 times.

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