Why DTCP Approval is Required for Plots and Villas

Here is the importance of DTCP approval when choosing a plot or villa. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect place to build your dream home, but obtaining DTCP approval can ease the process and provide numerous benefits.

DTCP Approval

DTCP stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning. It is a government department responsible for planning and regulating urban and rural growth in different states or locations. Without DTCP approval, a property may be considered illegal, and you may face legal consequences if you build for residential or commercial purposes. Obtaining DTCP approval is crucial, and Propshell can help you do it easily.

Importance of DTCP Approval

The primary benefit of DTCP certification is that it allows you to obtain a home loan from any bank or financial institution. Even if you are willing to accept a higher interest rate, banks will not lend you money if your plot is not DTCP-approved. Additionally, buying DTCP-approved plots and villas ensures that you won’t face any legal issues in the future, providing peace of mind.

Advantages of DTCP Approval

DTCP approval ensures that necessary infrastructure, such as roads, drainage, water supply, sewage systems, and other amenities, is in place for your property. At Propshell, all of our DTCP-approved plots have the necessary facilities for your dream home. DTCP-approved properties also have a higher resale value, making it an excellent investment.

Required Documents for DTCP Approval

  • Proof of land ownership
  • Layout plan or building plan
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from concerned authorities
  • Survey sketch of the land
  • Soil test report
  • Structural stability certificate from a registered structural engineer
  • Registered architect’s plan
  • Building permit fee receipt
  • Any other document as per government norms.

Eligibility Criteria for DTCP Approval

  • Legitimate ownership of the land
  • Construction should conform to government norms and regulations
  • Construction should not violate any standards or regulations
  • Submit all essential paperwork and payments on time.

DTCP Approval cost

DTCP approval fees vary based on the type of construction and the plot’s size. The fee ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,00,000, depending on the area of construction and location.

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